Kids Nite Out

Parents Nite Off

Need a night off? How about a safe place for your child to be active, socialize and have some old-fashioned fun?


Well, you’re in luck! That’s what we’re all about!

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What is Friday Nite Live All About?

  • We are all about safe supervised fun for kids!
  • Friday Nite Live is a parents night out program hosted by a local school.  Children are dropped off and signed in by an adult.
  • Each event has a posted schedule of activities and kids choose which ones to participate in.
  • Every event offers gym games, sports, music and dancing, crafts, theme-based activities and time to hang out with friends!
  • There’s also a concession stand where kids can use tickets to purchase pizza, drinks and snacks.  Children are signed out at the end of the night to the designated adult.


Every Friday night we offer a themed event that includes a DJ, games & activites, sports, crafts and concessions!


Our events are completely indoors at a local school,  offer a secure entry and exit, an assigned police officer and ID verification for pickup.


FNL includes a structured schedule with “something for everyone”.  Our trained staff are background-checked and cleared and we maintain a ratio of better than 20 to 1.


Remember when kids used to talk face to face? So do we and we create opportunities for your child to make new friends and exercise their social skills.

Children that have enjoyed FNL in San Antonio since 2011

Safe, supervised fun for all elementary-aged kids

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