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Here’s everything you need to know about Friday Nite Live San Antonio


Our events take place at Indian Springs Elementary which is at 25751 Wilderness Oak, San Antonio, TX 78261

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Events are held Fridays from 7:00pm to 10:30pm.

Exceptions are Fridays that school is out or there is a school event.


Babysitters can be expensive – we know!

So we’ve priced our events where any child can attend. Let’s not let money get in the way of a lotta fun!

In addition to admission we do have concessions available. On average kids spend about $6 on concessions.


per child

How to Register

Registering is so easy!

You can register at the door or skip the line and register online here.

We accept cash and credit/debit cards on site.

Why We’re Safe

Children are closely monitored by our FNL staff. All staff are background checked, with the majority being current school district employees. There is a uniformed police officer on duty at every event.

For each event, parents will designate who will pick up their child. That person will need to bring a photo ID to present at pick up.

We also encourage children to leave personal cell phones and electronics at home. The manager on duty has a phone that children can use to contact parents at any time.

Why We’re Fun

Every FNL event is full of coordinated activities to keep children engaged and entertained.

While you’re out to dinner or shopping your kids are with us playing dodgeball, dancing the night away, making cool crafts, getting their face painted and hanging out with friends.

We have a new activity starting every 15 minutes, and they vary from sports to crafts to games and puzzles so every kid can find something that interests them.

Frequently Asked Questions

The stuff everybody wants to know

How do I register?

We offer two convenient ways to register your child for our events – online and at the door. Online registration allows you to skip any line at the door.

Don’t want to register online? No worries, we’ll handle your registration at the event as quick as possible.

How do concessions work?

Concession tickets are available to purchase at the ticket booth, found in the hallway after the registration table.

Come parents choose to purchase concession tickets for their kids before they leave and others just leave money with their children.

Concessions are completely optional, but on average children spend about $6.00.

Offerings include pizza (delivered fresh), chips, Slim Jims, a variety of candy, soda, Gatorade and water. Healthier options include applesauce, fruit snacks and pickles.

We do not offer chocolate or peanut products in order to accommodate children with allergies.

Concession tickets are 4 for $1.00

How much money does my child need?

Admission is $12, and concessions are completely optional.

On average, children spend $5 to $6 at the concession stand.

Face painting, games, crafts and other activities are no additional cost.

Can we use concession tickets from prior weeks?

Yep, they never expire.  We’ve seen them put through the washing machine and covered in glitter.

As long as they’re recognizable, we take em!

Can someone else pick up my child?

Yes, we have many parents that car pool and have one parent drop off kids and another pick up.

On the sign in sheet or online event registration form, there’s a space to indicate the name of the person who is picking up your child.

Just list the person’s name there (or give us 2 options if you’re not sure).  At sign out, we’ll check ID to make sure each child goes home with the right person.

Who supervises the events?

FNL Staff are an awesome, fun crew!  All are over 18, background checked & finger printed, and most are current school district employees.

You may recognize a few from your child’s after school program.  Our managers are professional moms & dads with a background in education.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we take Visa, Master Card, Amex and Discover both through online registration and at the event.

We can also add concession tickets onto the admission price and put it all on the card if you choose.

Can a child from outside the district attend?

Yes, any child in our age range (K-5th grade) may attend.

Can I pickup anytime?

Absolutely!  At 9:45 PM, the kids are all brought into the cafeteria for group games so it’s a little easier to pick up then.

If you arrive before 9:45, we’ll gladly walk you through the program to locate and pick up your child.

We do close at 10:30 PM and we do charge a fee for late pickups.

Is there a cut off time for entrance?

Nope!  You can bring them anytime during event hours.

How's the security?

The safety of every child is our primary concern.  We utilize a single entry & exit, make sure only our staff are interacting with kids, have each child signed in and out, check a photo ID at sign out, and have a police officer on duty for the duration of each event.

All staff are CPR & First Aid trained and you’ll be contacted by the manager on duty if there’s ever a concern.

If you need to reach your child during an event, please call 210-319-4110 and we will connect you with a manager.

My child has special needs/food allergies/takes medications...

We strive to accommodate every child at FNL and there are many special needs children who thrive in our environment.  Children must function in a group setting and not require 1 on 1 supervision.

We cannot accommodate children who refuse to stay in a designated area or one whose behavior endangers themselves or others.

If your child has a food allergy, please let the manager on duty know.  Also, please discuss with your child which foods are acceptable for them to purchase & consume.  Peanut products are not offered at the concession stand.

You are welcome to leave medication or inhalers, epi pens, etc with the manager on duty.

Can children bring a phone/tablet/mobile device etc.?

We greatly prefer that children leave these items at home and cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Children are very active during our events, and phones can fall out of pockets or be broken during a game.

There is a phone available if children need to reach you during an event.

Do you screen the music?

Yes, we start with popular radio-edited music and then apply the ‘mom test.’

There are often songs that children request that just don’t meet our standards.  Our DJs use an approved play list and we constantly screen music to see what’s appropriate to add.

The music is fun, upbeat and easy to dance to.

How do I schedule a birthday party?

Give us a call at 210-319-4110 and we’ll be happy to talk with you about the details.

Birthday parties at FNL are easy, hassle free and so much FUN!

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